Wednesday, January 31, 2007

having fun in the Philippines...

First day: A van I rented (with a driver) picked me up from the airport and took me and my family in the Philipppines to Mall of Asia. I heard many things said about the supposed new mall but it really wasn't that great. The outside appearance didn't look really nice and went you went inside it looked just like another mall with the exception of the ice skating rink. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone planning to visit the Philippines.

Second day: I woke up at 6:00 am and visited another wet market in Pampang area, a place where my mother used to take me. The place is the same but the roads are different...more chaotic and the pavement that was once there is all worn out, so the tricycle ride was really bumpy. I bought a week's worth of fish, meat, and vegetables and cost me a mere $60! For my relatives here in the Philippines, they feel it was too expensive, but I thought it was cheap. The area where they sold fish and meat smelt terrible and the floor was wet and disgusting but I soon got used to it. The thing that I couldn't stand to see and experience were the beggars. Little children tapping you on your shoulder or arm, looking dirty and pitiful, asking for money. I also noticed women and children carrying little babies doing the same thing. I was told it's a tactic they use to get people to feel sorry for them and give them money.

Third day: On my third day, I decided to take a jeepney and visited a shopping mall--Nepo Mart. The place changed a lot just like all the other stores I frequented during my childhood in the Philippines. It is now a 3-4 story building with a huge grocery store on the bottom floor. On the second and third floor you can find lots of stalls selling fake goods (e.g., LV, Coach, Chanel, etc.) It's amazing how they can do such thing openly...I know in Taiwan they do the same thing but they do it secretly or go to jail. They get most of it from Korea and China I guess.

Fourth day: Now, on my fourth day, I think I'll take it easy around the house and think up more exciting things to do. I'm thinking of visiting Baclaran, a place I heard where shopping is really cheap!

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