Sunday, January 14, 2007

on job hunting...

I remember days when looking for a job meant writing endless resumes and spending numerous hours browsing through the classified ads. Today, the computer and the Internet makes it much easier to land your dream job--all you have to do is log-on and google it! I'm still in Taiwan and wont be in Monterey until April but I've already found numerous jobs I'm interested in and have sent out my digital resume and intent letter without spending a cent! With a digital resume, I can also be more creative without spending tons of dollars on resume papers...the best part about it trips to the post office! With the computer and the Internet, I'm also able to post my resume online for companies to view. A company/organization can easily view my personal website and know everything they want to know and decide wether or not to hire me. Too, I can view an organization's website and know about them so I can decide if I want to work for them or be part of their organization. Today, companies post job openings on their websites...including job descriptions, qualifications and pay--before you email your resume, you already have a good idea what the job is about, how much it pays, benefits, and if you qualify. Finally, in todays technology, you can also sign-up for Job Alerts. I get weekly job alerts from newspapers in Monterey free of charge! Great stuff!!

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