Tuesday, September 11, 2012

...exciting encounters...

are something that we think about as we get older. With 52 just around the corner, I find myself thinking more and more about my past and I shake my head in disbelief while smiling and feeling excited at the same time. I think to myself, "if I can only travel through my 20s and 30s once again, it would be so wonderful..." or would it? I really miss my young self with mini dresses, accessories, black pantyhose, etc... and fantastic drinks surrounded by beautiful people. Among my favorites as a young woman are:

1. Ice pink lipstick

 2. Silky White Nail Polish

Just how have I changed now that I'm 52 (two weeks from today)? I think I still like the same things but I have to be more conservative in the way I dress. For now (and probably always) I will continue to wear pink lipstick and white nail polish.