Saturday, January 07, 2012

Prepare for the year of the Yang Water Dragon (Ren Chen)! Starting February 4, 2012, make notes of the areas in your house to ensure you receive positive energy and avoid illness and wealth loss:

South (142.5º to 217.5º) is where the Three Killings (San Sha) is located.  Make sure not to undertake any form of construction in this sector of your home. Since this is the worst of the annual afflictions, keep this area quiet and try not to spend too much time here.

Southeast (112.5º - 127.5º) is where the Grand Duke of Jupiter (Tai Sui) is located this year. Do not disturb this area and if your front door is located here, try not to slam the door or make any noise.

Northwest (292.5 – 307.5) the Year Breaker (Sui Po) can be found. During 2012, try not to disturb this area. Like Grand Duke and San Sha, respect this area and try to avoid it or try not to make any renovations or noise in this area. If your TV is in this location, you might want to move it somewhere else this year.

Southeast (112.5º - 127.5º) is also where the Five Yellow is residing this year. The Five Yellow, if disturbed or activated can bring illness and disaster, including money loss or lawsuit.

NOTE: If you need to do any work in the areas above, make sure to complete them before February 4, 2012. Remember, the best cure for these afflictions is avoidance. If your bedroom is located in this sector of your home, you might want to move bedroom just this year.

The following are the BEST locations in your home, and you should take advantage of them to enhance your love life and career:

South - Wealth sector

East - Relationship/Romance

Center - Great for studies or academic pursuits

West - This is the most auspicious sector of your home this year

Northeast - Future Wealth. Career opportunities and promotion are probable especially if your home office
                  is located here.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

my favorite fruit...

Give me a hard persimmon anytime! I just loved this fruit! I ate my first persimmon while I was in South Korean landlord has one growing in his yard...the color is so beautiful, and the taste so sweet. People wait for them to ripen/soften, but I prefer to eat them al dente...crunchy and sweet.

let's begin again...

I can't believe I'm able to see yet another year! When the cancer recurred 4 months ago, I didn't think I would make it since it's my 3rd diagnosis, but here I am, still kicking! So much has happened this year.  Met new friends, visited other countries, almost changed jobs, and I purchased a house. The feeling is both exciting and overwhelming. I never stayed in one place for more than 3 years since I joined the Air Force in 1987. So, purchasing a house in a place I never thought I would live is a little overwhelming. Oh well, I won't let a mere house to stop me from a matter of fact, I'm flying out next month to see friends and family in Asia. My plans of retiring in Hawaii is also still a go. Anyway, may 2012 be as fruitful and full of excitement like 2010! I'm hoping to do bigger and better things for this year! HAPPY NEW YEAR!