Friday, December 01, 2006

when 3 months seems forever...

I guess luck is on my side this year because the Chinese Navy is sending my husband to Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California for his masters degree. We're going to stay there for two years! We're leaving in March next year...that's only three months from now, but I feel like it's taking forever! I really cannot wait to leave Taiwan, even just for a couple of years.

Monterey is a beatiful place...I lived and worked there once (1995-1997) and I loved it! The weather is a little cold for me but there were so many places in and around Monterey that I love so much that I hardly noticed the weather. Perhaps a place I really enjoyed is Pacific Grove--a quaint little place where I spend my Sundays, eating at a wonderful little cafe near the ocean. One of my favorite restaurant in Pacific Grove is the Thai Bistro. They serve authentic Thailand food..the place is small and always packed so you always have to wait, especially during lunch time. Another great place to eat, if you like seafood is Vivolo's Chowder House and the Old Fisherman Grotto. Great fish and chips!

I feel terrible leaving my students in the middle of the school year but I don't think I can stay any longer to finish the year. I feel I need to recharge.

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