Sunday, December 10, 2006

my heart...

Today, I had a wonderful chat with my wonderful niece, Victoria. She has given me so much...I would have had a worst time recovering from cancer if I didn't have her around.
Victoria was a wonderful baby who always had a ready smile for the people around her...she's only 8 years old but she can hold great conversations. Today, we talked about religion. She asked me if I go to church and told me about her Sunday School. I told her that although I'm a Catholic, I attended Sunday School from 8 years to my late teens and that everything I learned about God I learned from a Christian Sunday School.
She also told about her memory loss and that she couldn't seem to remember a lot of things. I told her she should eat more peanuts and then she said that her favorite food is "PB&J". I didn't know what that was until she told me that PB&J stands for Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwich. Guess I'm behind the times...getting too old to know all these new slang and acronyms kids use nowadays.

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