Monday, July 04, 2005

the blues...

It's been a while since I felt, I feel I'm missing something but I'm not sure what it is exactly. Although, I've spent years studying psychology, I still cannot understand how I feel sometimes. Today, for instance, I'm not sure if I have the blues or if I'm homesick. Taiwan just do not have what I need to live a full life...I miss the beautiful beaches of Hawaii and the cool breeze in the mountains. I miss my Sundays spent having a wonderful breakfast at the Wai'Oli Tea Room on Manoa Valley. I miss swimming with the most beautiful fishes in the South Shore's Hanauma Bay. I miss the beautiful rainbows...

Waking up in Taiwan is like waking up in the middle of a construction zone. The noise both from the neighbors and the cars and scooters is unbearable!

I have 2 more years before I can get out of here...I'm really not sure I can make it.

Manoa Falls

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