Sunday, June 26, 2005

summertime in Taiwan

This is my 3rd or 4th summer in Taiwan and this year, I think, could be the hottest! It's been raining consecutively for the past month and now that it finally stopped, the heat seem to seep out from the pavement. Hawaii was never this uncomfortably hot--at least you get some fresh air blowing in from Taiwan, all you get is the stench coming from the sewers below you and the fume from mopeds and cars. The best thing to do in Taiwan during the summer is to stay home with the AC running or leave the country to clean out your lungs for at least two weeks or more (if you can afford it). There's Kenting you say, well if your idea of fun is paying big bucks for substandard hotels,(5 stars), just to see a beach you couldn't swim in, Kenting would be right place for you. As for me, I would rather pay the round trip ticket to the Philippines (2 hours away) and stay in a luxurious hotel (paying 1/4 of the price) and have some great Filipino food accompanied with excellent customer service, not to mention the beautiful beaches! Consider driving 5-6 hours fighting traffic,tolerating bad driving behaviors, and paying toll fees every 100 km (it seems)only to find that there's no parking for your car. Or you can fly for 2 (or less) hours direct from Kaohsiung to Subic Bay, Philippines, and be greeted by wonderful staff eager to serve you and provide you the best for your money...which would you choose?

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