Tuesday, March 27, 2012

the fear factor out of buying a new home...

For me, buying a home feels like a ball and chain is placed around my ankle--preventing me from going anywhere. It is definitely a scary task for me to undertake since I like having my freedom to travel and move (or change jobs) anytime I feel like it. But, I did it! I thought maybe since I'm getting to be at the age where I should stay in one place for a while and possibly grow some fruit trees in the backyard...etc., I went ahead and signed the dotted line and committed to a 30-year imprisonment

Taking aside my unreasonable fear, I actually enjoyed the process of having a house built. Although it is not my first time, I enjoyed watching my house built from the ground up. It definitely took a while for me to decide whether I wanted carpeting or wood floors (considering the cost). Now, I get to have the pleasure of designing the backyard. It's a working process but it's fun and I've learned a lot about carpentry and interior design.

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